SmartPT Online for
Multi-Location Practices

Our intelligent software is designed to scale multi-clinic business-whether franchises or privately owned.

Maximum optimal efficiency

The SmartPT’s cloud-based application enables everyone, such as therapists and staff, to get access to the tools anywhere anytime that they need to support the critical functions of the business. These functions can be documentation and scheduling. You do not have to waste time toggling between the systems or manually transferring the data. Our app is updated on time automatically. Thus, there is no manual action required.

Documentation and Scheduling Software
A documentation tool for the therapists

The SmartPT Online intelligent platform for therapists was created to match the therapist’s unique workflow and documentation process. The automatic system updates empower the practitioners to spend less time documenting and more time providing exceptional care for the patients.

SmartPT Online Documentation Software
Improvement in staff satisfaction- reduction in costs

As a 100 per cent web-based platform, the therapists can access the clinical schedules and patient charts anywhere, anytime. Our best software for physical therapy works seamlessly on any device. There is also no need to invest in costly hardware, manually installing anything most secure platform regular maintenance. Just log in and work seamlessly.

best software for physiotherapy
Store your patient data within a secure platform

Every patient’s details, ID, and password is secure and has controlled access. Your patient’s data is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

SmartPT Online Data Protection
Patient-centred care approach

The clinical staff increased patient engagement and compliance with the SmartPT Online goal-tracking functionality and interactive home exercise program(HEP). They can also improve patient satisfaction and experience and highlight functional progress. When you analyse the outcomes data inside your organisation, it enables you to ensure consistency in providing quality care, thus leveraging a patient-centred care approach.

SmartPT Online HEP Software

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