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INR 499/Mo

INR – 5000 Per Annum
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  • Patient Mobile App with your Clinic Branding
  • HEP- Home Exercise Program
  • Digital Patient Record
  • In Clinic Appointment*
  • Video Consultation*
  • One-One(Dedicated) Chat with Pateint
  • Review & Feedback
  • Referral
  • Push Notification of News & Alerts*
  • Basic Reporting
  • Email Support
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Friendly Solution

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INR 999/Mo

INR- 10000 Per Annum
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Includes everything in the Lite package

  • +
  • Connections from SmartPT Search
  • Sponsored Ad View on SmartPT Search
  • Enhanced Onboarding and Training
  • Dedicated Phone Support

INR 1499/Mo

INR – 15000 Per Annum
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Includes everything in the Standard package

  • +
  • Marketplace – Coming Soon!
  • Custom Data Migration – Coming Soon
  • Custom/Own Exercise – Coming Soon
  • Advance Analytics – Coming Soon
  • Customer Survey – Coming Soon
  • SMS Broadcasting – Coming Soon
  • Advance Reporting – Coming Soon
  • Dedicated Success Manager


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What does the SmartPT membership include?

SmartPT Online is a physiotherapy practice management software that offers physical therapists products and services; we do not stop there. The therapists can customise the HEPs accordingly. It also includes the best and the most highly rated customer service.

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You can start by booking a free demo session. After learning about the working of SmartPT, you can get a tailor-made package as per your requirements and get on the road to success.

Constant Support

After signing up with SmartPT, you don’t have to worry about anything. From setting up the software to regular updates or queries, our support team will always be up to the task.

Achieve Goals

With your physical therapy software up and running, you can minimise the efforts on management and focus your time and energy on crossing your business goals off the list.

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Currently, we serve throughout the India region.