Digital Patient Intake

Enhance the patient registration process with digital patient intake and retain more patients.

Less Front office time. More time for the clinician

Making your intake process digital enables less time wastage and more focus on greeting and assisting patients. No more scanning, printing, and shredding of the paperwork. Seamless integration with SmartPT Online allows the patient charts to flow directly in the corresponding chart.

Our physiotherapy management software enables clinicians to get more time to provide the patients with better patients.

Encryption mode on. Data safety

With our physical therapy software, data security is always our priority. We optimise the strongest levels of end-to-end encryption; you can take a sigh of relief knowing that your patient information is safe.

Data safety
Shorten the patient time. Attend more

Patients coming down to your clinic for a one-time-only registration visit means that they are ready to start the appointment whenever you are.

digital patient intake physiotherapy software

Documenting everything is necessary. Documenting digitally is the need of the hour.

Cloud-based system

Cut down the paperwork

After the registration process, handle everything through your screen and forget to maintain records manually.

Specialised Programs

More focus-driven

By cutting down the time of paperwork, you can focus on more important things like marketing, HEP, and payment processing.

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