Design your schedules. Maximise front-office efficiency

Full scheduling. Low cancellations

How about reducing the no-shows by at least 30%? As exciting as it sounds, it is achievable. One cloud system can edit and view the schedule. You do not have to get confused between the calendar and patient charts. Our automated text, email appointment reminders, and phone calls encourage consistent appointments.

Our waitlist will prioritise backfilling all the appointments. Also, increase the treatment time with the intake forms. You can embed it on your website.

Appointment Scheduling
Schedule Simplification – Feature-packed automation process

A scheduling process is exceptional when it compliments your practice needs and workflows. Rescheduling has never been easier with the leverage of selecting slots.

Custom-labelling tools and colour-coding features will organise the calendars the way you want.

Appointment Scheduling Software
Front office optimisation ensures better response

Our bevvy of products will enhance your practice efficiency and patient experience for smooth operation.

  • Unlimited digital documentation storing and uploading.
  • Email appointment reminders, phone, and automated text.
  • Credit card payment process.
  • Deductible tracking
  • Integrated payments system.
physical therapy scheduling software
Data optimisation. We have got it covered.

Keeping track of no-shows, cancellations, and referrals with our intelligent reporting will enable you to analyse the booking rates. This will also enable better optimisation of calendars.

Data optimisation

Watchout why SmartPT is the most-trusted physical therapy software.

Cloud-based system

No More Paperwork

Get unlimited digital documentation storing and uploading with SmartPT and bid goodbye to loads of paperwork.

Specialised Programs

Schedule Smart

Intelligent reporting allows you to fully analyse your booking rates and better optimise your calendars by keeping track of cancellations, no-shows, and referrals.

Other SmartPT Products

Know how SmartPT can be your best bet for physical therapy software.

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